Have you been looking for a job? Maybe you have taken some time off on finding a job because you were hoping to find a job with great benefits. Well if you have a clean driving record, we just stumbled upon a job that may be perfect for you. The Bossier Parish School Board Transportation Department is looking for you. Their website claims they are looking for "caring individuals with a good driving record interested in transporting the children entrusted in our care.".

You will have to go through mandatory training, you're going to be driving a massive bus full of kids. Maybe you didn't know this was an option, it turns out they will train you even if you've never driven a bus. The Bossier Parish School System is in dire need of more bus drivers.

Why is there a serious bus driver shortage? More and more bus drivers are choosing to retire. We are now facing a serious shortage of qualified school bus drivers. Could you be the solution?

If you want to apply all you have to do is click here and you will be sent to the website to apply.

It's not just Bossier schools experiencing a serious shortage, school districts all across the country are reporting a lack of bus drivers. Will we see a huge bump in applications once federal unemployment aid stops in Louisiana?

We are seeing several job openings in Louisiana, did you know we have over 6,000 nursing positions available in Louisiana alone? There are more positions open than people to fill them.

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