Odds are, even if you weren't one hundred percent positive, you had a very good idea that never before have gasoline prices been this high in Louisiana.

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If you've made a trip to the pumps lately, you might have stood there, jaw wide open, as the digital cost meter ran through digits faster than a nine-year old can open Christmas gifts.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

In the Bayou State, the average price for a gallon of gasoline at this writing is at an all-time high of $4.22, which is actually even higher than the previous record of $4.16 set only a couple of months ago in March of 2022.

There is an upside to the staggering price though as the national average is $4.56 per gallon, so it's not as bad as it could be.

At Least It's Not As High As In California

In fact, Californians are paying an average of $6.05 per gallon, so we have even more to be grateful for.

Speaking with the Louisiana Radio Network, Don Redman, a fuel analyst for AAA says gas prices have gone up about 33 cents per gallon over the past month alone and over a dollar more than last year.

“It’s almost a $1.50 a gallon more than this time last year and there’s no doubt that families are feeling the pinch,” said Redman.

The Price Increase Is Even Worse For Diesel

The news is even darker for those purchasing diesel as currently it is selling for an average of $5.21 in Louisiana and according to Redman, that's $2.33 higher than this same time last year.

Those rising diesel prices will certainly cast many ripples on the economy in terms of higher grocery and retail prices.

“There’s no doubt that is going to push prices for every commodity higher,” said Redman.

What About Here In Shreveport/Bossier?

One quick trip to GasBuddy.com and I discovered that most gasoline in Shreveport/Bossier is selling from $4.09 to $4.19 per gallon, but the Chevron on Industrial Drive right off I-20 in Bossier is showing they are the cheapest around with gas at only $3.98 per gallon.

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