Driving into work this morning I saw gas prices up to $3.09 for unleaded. Is it that time already? Does it feel like you are playing the gas lottery and you hope you fill up at the cheapest gas station or is that just an extreme sport I play?

The last time we saw gas prices this high was in late February of 2021.

What happened in mid-February that caused gas prices to soar? Remember when snow hit the Ark-La-Tex? Panic spread, our power went out, parts of Shreveport had busted water lines that caused many neighborhoods to go without water. We thought gas prices were astronomical at $2.40 a gallon, however, we justified paying those prices because of the inclement weather.

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How much did you pay the last time you filled up your gas tank?

The last time I filled up my gas tank which was last week was $2.87. According to Gas Buddy, you and I are going to have to get ready to pay even more at the pump. Why will we be paying so much at the pump? It's not the damage from Hurricane Ida, it's because of higher crude oil prices.

Triple-A claims that we can solely blame crude oil prices. "Crude oil prices have jumped five dollars to 85 dollars a barrel, with some speculation they could shoot to 100 dollars a barrel."

If you thought your holidays were going to consist of road trips for you and your family, get ready to pay at the pump.

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There is no sign of gas prices going down anytime soon.

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