One person is dead after an altercation over gas in Metairie.

According to numerous news outlets in New Orleans, the shooting took place late Friday afternoon at a Chevron on Clearview Parkway. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto was visibly frustrated over the incident as gas shortages have led to multiple incidents in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

Lopinto says his department is still gathering information but delivered a fiery message to those who are choosing violence as the city is trying to recover from Hurricane Ida as well as those who are trying to return at a time where authorities don't have the resources to support the population.

According to reports, an apparent altercation took place between two individuals, and a gun was drawn. One person was shot and the other left the scene. Police say the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sheriff Lopinto said his investigators have surveillance as well as multiple eyewitness accounts due to the long line of people waiting for gas. The Sheriff was "pissed" that the "horrible incident" took place, saying it was the second time his officers were called out over guns being pulled at gas stations.

Unbelievable that people can't act like adults in this situation. For anybody to bring a gun to a gas station, it's not needed. Nobody needed to lose their life over freaking gas today. And that's just what it comes down to.

Lopinto said the heat only heightens frustrations that already exist over gas shortages for people who are worried about fueling up their vehicles and generators—many of them being the only way that some people are able to get power at the moment.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff is so confident in the evidence he has on the gunman, he advised the guilty party to save everyone the time and turn themselves in.

I'm telling them right now, turn themselves in. We're going to be able to find who you are, come turn yourself in right now. Because this is absolutely ridiculous

We will update this story when more information is made available.

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