Add this to the ever-growing list of things Louisiana Film Prize has accomplished.
Louisiana Film Prize (LAFP) burst onto the Shreveport-Bossier scene in January 2012. Since then, they have helped filmmakers across the country achieve their dreams, all while bringing in millions of dollars into our community.

The number one rule, make a short film that is filmed in Northwest Louisiana in hopes of winning $50,000.

A concept that began over shots of tequila has now become one of the most exciting events in the area. This year, its fifth in Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana Film Prize has reached a huge milestone... 500 entries since 2012. In its first year, Louisiana Film Prize saw 83 entries, which is substantial for a brand new idea. In 2015, over 120 competed for the cash prize.

This year's number continues to grow as rough cuts, the cutoff for competition, are due in July.

2016 is certainly one to be a part of. Not only is it year five for LAFP, but this year the Prize has put hundreds of individuals to work helping create these works of art. This includes production services, rentals, meals, hotels, cast and crew. According the Louisiana Film Prize, this has brought in an estimated $10 million in economic impact. Think about it, in five years, over 500 films have been made. Each averages a run time of 11 minutes. That's over 3,500 minutes of film which is roughly 40 feature films.

Now that $10 million makes since.

“The staff of the Louisiana Film Prize is incredibly proud to be a part of the independent film revolution taking place in northwest Louisiana,” said Film Prize associate director Chris Lyon. “The art and industry of motion pictures has created a real sense of pride here, and that energy is carried both by local filmmakers to others they know and back home with filmmakers who come to work in our community.”

Louisiana Film Prize is also a launching pad for women and minority filmmakers with 40% of directors and producers being female and 25% who identify as minority.

If you haven't seen what they Shreveport-Bossier gem does every fall with the Louisiana Film Prize Festival, this is the year! Each year, all of the submissions are screened for judges and 20 are selected to compete in the festival. This is where you come in. You'll watch all of 20 films in a fun-filled weekend with all of your friends and vote on your favorite. The public opinion accounts for 50% of the vote.

This year's Louisiana Film Prize Festival is September 29 - October 1. Tickets go on sale in July.

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