The 20 are in, with a newly added 21st film, to compete for $50K.

It's year five for Louisiana Film Prize (LAFP). In these five years, the prize has grown to consistently hosting more than 100 filmmakers with hopes of winning the grand prize. In addition, the prize has brought in millions of dollars in economic impact to Shreveport-Bossier.

All with one simple rule: You must shoot your film in Northwest Louisiana.

It's brilliant! Filmmakers from all over the country traveling to our area to make a film, taking advantage of our local cast and crew or bringing their own, and staying in our hotels and eating our food. Of course, we also get one heck of a film festival every fall that completely takes over downtown for an entire weekend.

This year is expected to be bigger and better than ever as LAFP celebrates its fifth anniversary.

And now we know the names of the films we will see at this year's festival, to be held September 29 through October 1 on Texas Street in downtown Shreveport. The films were announced in a ceremony last night (August 16) at the Robinson Film CenterThis year will also feature a token 21st film. This film comes from the inaugural Memphis Film Prize, an extension of our Louisiana Film Prize. Their festival was held this past weekend, with McGhee Monteith taking home the grand prize. Her film will be shown at LAFP and compete for the $50,000 grand prize, the largest for a short film in the world.

Here are the Top 21 films in no particular order (from the Shreveport Times):

1. Michael Baker's 'Sid & Marge Have a Problem'

2. Travis Bible's '30 Year Deal'

3. Marta Fabian's 'The Spot'

4. Iddo Goldberg's 'St. Jude's Crossing'

5. Frank Spearo's 'Apocalypse Later'

6. Austin Alward's 'Memorial Drive'

7. Travis Champagne 'Native'

8. Tamzin Merchant's 'American Pride'

9. Jency Griffin's 'The Verses' 

10. Calvin O'Neal's 'Cookie Jar'

11. Andrew Librizzi's 'Somewhere Between Summer and Hell'

12. Ava Contis' 'The Stand'

13. Lorna Street Dopson's 'The Fallen'

14. Jonnie Stapleton's 'The Man from Mars'

15. Colby Doler's 'Hangman'

16. L. Elizabeth Powers' 'The Importance of Sex Education'

17. Tanesha Moore's 'Ruthless: A Hip Hopera'

18. Alexander Jeffery's 'Memoir'

19. The Root Cellar

20. Christine Chen's 'Ya Albi (My Heart)'

21. McGhee Monteith's 'He Could've Gone Pro' (Memphis Film Prize winner)

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