After months of campaigning and mudslinging, Election Day is here. The Governor's race tops the ballot. John Bel Edwards will look to defeat his challengers and win a second term. Republicans Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone look to dethrone the south's only democratic governor.

We'll also be keeping an eye on races in the House and Senate, the Shreveport Bond Proposal and several other issues around the local area. Polls close at 8 pm. In any race where no candidate tops 50% of the vote, the top two vote-getters will face each other in a Nov. 16 runoff.

Below is live look at KEEL News' coverage and analysis of election. Plus an up to date look at individual race results.

LA Governor   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting
John Bel Edwards624,58347%W
Eddie Rispone367,53427%W
Ralph Abraham316,32924%
Omar Dantzler10,9691%
Patrick "Live Wire" Landry10,9331%
Gary Landrieu10,0641%


LA Lieutenant Governor   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting
Billy Nungesser882,35868%W
Willie Jones412,56532%


LA Secretary of State   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting
Kyle Ardoin527,14641%W
Gwen Collins-Greenup433,54034%W
Thomas Kennedy III244,04019%
Amanda Smith78,8246%


LA Attorney General   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting
Jeff Landry853,39366%W
Ike Jackson435,52434%


LA Treasurer   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting
John Schroder767,71460%W
Derrick Edwards441,71035%
Teresa Kenny69,7805%


LA Agriculture Commissioner   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting
Mike Strain723,07057%W
Marguerite Green259,12120%
Charlie Greer106,6328%
Bradley Zaunbrecher105,5038%
Peter Williams79,4576%


LA Insurance Commissioner   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting
Jim Donelon630,33853%W
Tim Temple547,96747%


LA Amend. 1- Outer Shelf Exempt.   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting


LA Amend. 2- Education Fund   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting


LA Amend. 3- Tax Paid Remedy   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting


LA Amend. 4- New Orleans Exempt.   3927 of 3934 Precincts Reporting


LA BESE District 5   668 of 668 Precincts Reporting
Ashley Ellis96,44462%W
Stephen Chapman59,01238%


LA State Senator- District 29   122 of 122 Precincts Reporting
Jay Luneau16,19661%W
Randy Wiggins10,15839%


LA State Senator- District 31   158 of 158 Precincts Reporting
Louie Bernard18,52955%W
Trey Flynn8,59626%
Douglas Brown6,38119%


LA State Senator- District 33   123 of 123 Precincts Reporting
Stewart Cathey16,62652%W
Wade Bishop15,38148%


LA State Senator- District 35   113 of 116 Precincts Reporting
Jim Fannin12,55939%W
Jay Morris11,78236%W
Matt Parker8,15425%


LA State Senator- District 36   106 of 106 Precincts Reporting
Robert Mills16,30548%W
Ryan Gatti12,88238%W
Mattie Preston4,97615%


LA State Senator- District 37   69 of 72 Precincts Reporting
Barrow Peacock15,32471%W
Debbie Hollis6,26729%


LA State Senator- District 38   84 of 85 Precincts Reporting
Barry Milligan15,68650%
John Milkovich8,36327%
Katrina Early7,30923%


LA State Senator- District 39   69 of 72 Precincts Reporting
Gregory Tarver14,96069%W
Jim Slagle6,81931%


LA State Representative- District 1   33 of 34 Precincts Reporting
Danny McCormick5,17350%
Randall Liles4,38743%
James Harper6927%


LA State Representative- District 3   20 of 21 Precincts Reporting
Tammy Phelps3,14646%W
Daryl Joy Walters2,25633%W
Lester Smith1,38420%


LA State Representative- District 5   22 of 24 Precincts Reporting
Alan Seabaugh7,10765%W
Brian Salvatore3,85435%


LA State Representative- District 10   41 of 41 Precincts Reporting
Wayne McMahen9,53375%W
Creighton Wilson3,15425%


LA State Representative- District 22   74 of 74 Precincts Reporting
Gabe Firment8,79665%W
Carl Ray Lasyone4,78535%


LA State Representative- District 24   74 of 74 Precincts Reporting
Rodney Schamerhorn7,37753%W
Greg Lord5,25937%
Willie Banks1,40210%


LA Judge- 26th District   122 of 122 Precincts Reporting
Charles Smith21,66258%W
Cynthia Carroll-Bridges15,76642%


Caddo Parish Sheriff   144 of 151 Precincts Reporting
Steve Prator36,99465%W
Eric Hatfield12,20721%
Hersy Jones Jr6,61312%
Glenn Cornell1,4473%


Caddo Commission District 1   17 of 18 Precincts Reporting
Todd Hopkins2,71455%
Patrick Harrington1,13123%
Ken Brown1,09122%


Caddo Commission District 4   11 of 12 Precincts Reporting
John-Paul Young2,00550%
Christopher David1,22531%
James Carstensen74819%


Caddo Commission District 6   10 of 10 Precincts Reporting
Lynn Cawthorne1,75354%W
Steffon Jones1,46846%


Caddo Commission District 10   12 of 12 Precincts Reporting
Mario Chavez2,97259%W
Quinton Aught2,09841%


Caddo Commission District 11   11 of 11 Precincts Reporting
Ed Lazarus2,92955%W
Parker Ward2,36145%


Caddo Commission District 12   13 of 13 Precincts Reporting
Ken Epperson3,01352%W
Louis Johnson2,73248%


Caddo Justice of the Peace Ward 8   15 of 17 Precincts Reporting
Patrick Young3,82683%W
Holli Griffin75917%


Vivian Tax Proposition   1 of 2 Precincts Reporting


Claiborne Parish Sheriff   25 of 25 Precincts Reporting
Sam Dowies2,03041%W
Michael Allen1,85538%W
Russell Mills70414%
Vincent Smith2926%
Jerry Lee Dunn631%


Claiborne Clerk of Court   25 of 25 Precincts Reporting
Brian Flynn3,51176%W
ShermaDee McDaniel1,09724%


Claiborne Police Juror Dist. 4   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting
Mary Jackson McDaniel24966%W
Janell Maddox Brown12834%


Claiborne Police Juror Dist. 7   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting
Barry Carter19842%W
Joseph Merritt15934%W
Timothy DeWayne Ivory11524%


Claiborne Police Juror Dist. 8   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Tommy Sanders20741%W
Roy Lewis11623%W
Herbert Mardis10320%
Elmer Jones8517%


Claiborne Police Juror Dist. 9   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting
Gil Dowies34866%W
Doug Shurling17834%


Claiborne Justice of the Peace 2nd Court   16 of 16 Precincts Reporting
Wayne Hatfield1,78168%W
Bennie Holyfield83432%


Claiborne Parish Tax Renewal   25 of 25 Precincts Reporting


Bossier Police Juror Dist. 2   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Glenn Benton2,19985%W
William Wittmer39115%


Bossier Police Juror Dist. 3   8 of 8 Precincts Reporting
Philip Rodgers1,28934%W
Jim Viola71519%W
Wes Shepherd65117%
Martha Reyenga64317%
Robert Williams46912%


Bossier Police Juror Dist. 4   8 of 8 Precincts Reporting
John Ed Jorden1,36756%W
Norman Craig1,09044%


Bossier Police Juror Dist. 6   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Chris Marsiglia1,63158%W
Greg Nichols1,17642%


Haughton Alcohol Prop. 1   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting


Haughton Alcohol Prop. 2   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting


Haughton Alcohol Prop. 3   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting


Haughton Alcohol Prop. 4   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting


Haughton Alcohol Prop. 5   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting


Cypress-Black Bayou Rec. Prop.   66 of 66 Precincts Reporting


Webster Parish Sheriff   40 of 40 Precincts Reporting
Jason Parker6,26150%W
Lil' Don Smith5,45644%
Gene Hanson7936%


Webster Parish Clerk of Court   40 of 40 Precincts Reporting
Holli Vining8,99874%W
Tina Douglas3,21526%


Webster Parish Assessor   40 of 40 Precincts Reporting
Denise Edwards6,30452%W
Hugh Wood5,88048%


Webster Police Juror Dist. 9   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting
Debbie Kennon43653%W
Jerri Musgrow Lee38847%


Webster Police Juror Dist. 10   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Vera Davison61769%W
Punchie Robinson27531%


Webster Police Juror Dist. 12   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting
Ed Jordan61665%W
Clay Craig33535%


Dubberly Fire Dist 4 Tax Renewal   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting


Dixie Inn Fire Dist 7 Tax Renewal   4 of 4 Precincts Reporting


Bienville Parish Sheriff   33 of 33 Precincts Reporting
John Ballance3,04258%W
Henry Ford1,06821%
James Keith Bates52410%
Stephen Beard4569%
Tony Thompson1172%


Bienville Police Juror Dist. 1   4 of 4 Precincts Reporting
Bill Sims52967%W
Feleshia Russell25633%


Bienville Police Juror Dist. 2   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Jerry Roberson42457%W
Phillip Michael Smart21228%
Calvin Young10815%


Bienville Police Juror Dist. 3   7 of 7 Precincts Reporting
Darryl Ryder46968%W
Debra Rushing21632%


Bienville Police Juror Dist. 4   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Jerry Bates40362%W
Sonny Uzzle24638%


Bienville Police Juror Dist. 5   4 of 4 Precincts Reporting
Vic Fowler51172%W
Murray Hay20028%


Bienville Police Juror Dist. 7   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Raymond Malone44453%W
Colvin Robinson15619%
Rickey Flanagan13216%
Joe Stevenson10813%


Bienville Constable Dist. 1   12 of 12 Precincts Reporting
David Cook88160%W
Tameka Harris58740%


Bienville Constable Dist. 3   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Joey Jordan32039%W
Wally Hay27734%W
Jack Sullivan21426%


Bienville Hospital Dist. 1 Renewal   7 of 7 Precincts Reporting


Red River Parish Sheriff   18 of 18 Precincts Reporting
Glen Edwards2,69587%W
Tom Mangham38713%


Red River Parish Clerk of Court   18 of 18 Precincts Reporting
Stuart Shaw2,42878%W
Delvin Lewis67022%


Red River Parish Assessor   18 of 18 Precincts Reporting
Dovie Beard1,35543%W
Tenisha Canterbury91529%W
Vaughn Womack85227%


Red River Police Juror Dist. 2   2 of 2 Precincts Reporting
Brandon Hillman26349%W
Will Worsham14928%W
Sammie Procell12724%


Red River Police Juror Dist. 3   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Shawn Beard27560%W
Shane Young18640%


Red River Police Juror Dist. 4   4 of 4 Precincts Reporting
Jessie Davis30168%W
Eric Johnson14032%


Red River Police Juror Dist. 5   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
June Bug Moore32071%W
Joey Procell13129%


DeSoto Parish Clerk of Court   37 of 37 Precincts Reporting
Jeremy Evans4,69351%W
Brandy Koenig Pearce4,43549%


DeSoto Parish Coroner   37 of 37 Precincts Reporting
Jeffrey Evans6,24772%W
Pat McGauly2,45628%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 1A   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Jimmy Holmes35445%W
Bruce Abram28136%W
Bill Bagley15119%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 1B   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Dewayne Mitchell39459%W
Daniel Polley27041%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 1C   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Keith Parker66179%W
Joe Wiggins18121%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 2   4 of 4 Precincts Reporting
Nick Gasper78669%W
Jimbo Davlin35931%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 3   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Greg Baker47954%W
Jeremy Wilson40846%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 4A   8 of 8 Precincts Reporting
Richard Fuller44654%W
Ryan Dupree19524%
Tom Gatti18723%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 4B   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Jeri A. Burrell32742%W
Charlotte Miller24732%W
Donald Ray Davenport20026%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 4C   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Ernel Jones51359%W
Donny Taylor24428%
Alphonsa Linnette Spencer11213%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 4D   7 of 7 Precincts Reporting
Thomas Jones30241%W
JoAnn Peoples Adkins25034%W
Will Richardson18525%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 5   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Reggie C. Roe51872%W
Jemayel Warren20328%


DeSoto Police Juror Dist. 6   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Ricky McPhearson33643%W
Rodriguez Dale Ross31741%W
Fred Jones12316%


DeSoto Constable Dist. 6   9 of 9 Precincts Reporting
Billy Spears82171%W
Deborah Roberts33829%


Grand Cane Tax Renewal   1 of 1 Precincts Reporting


Natchitoches Parish Sheriff   50 of 50 Precincts Reporting
Stuart Wright5,92852%W
Steve Pezant3,70032%
Steve Rachal1,79016%


Natchitoches Parish President   50 of 50 Precincts Reporting
John Richmond4,07237%W
Lee Waskom3,70333%W
Precious Barber1,49913%
Jerry Longlois1,32712%
Carl Sias2813%
Nicholas Ryan Wright2702%


Natchitoches Council Dist. 1   9 of 9 Precincts Reporting
Chris Paige1,25478%W
Joe Morgan35922%


Natchitoches Council Dist. 2   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Patsy Ward Hoover85862%W
John Harrington51738%


Natchitoches Council Dist. 3   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Jim Kilcoyne1,64959%W
Alan McMurtry1,15941%


Natchitoches Council Dist. 4   14 of 14 Precincts Reporting
Marty Cheatwood1,01943%W
Justin Lester74731%W
Rodney Bedgood61626%


Natchitoches Council Dist. 5   16 of 16 Precincts Reporting
Russell Rachal1,21945%W
John Salter91234%W
Larry Paige55221%


Campti Mayor   1 of 1 Precincts Reporting
LaRon Winslow17862%W
Tarlisha Johnson Hudson6422%W
Judy LeBrum Daniels3412%
Donna Rhoades Sulieman83%
Kristopher Vidos11%


Sabine Parish Sheriff   39 of 39 Precincts Reporting
Aaron Mitchell3,34944%W
Ronny Richardson2,40732%W
Frankie Howard1,48620%
Chris Abrahams3645%


Sabine Parish Clerk of Court   39 of 39 Precincts Reporting
Shelly Salter5,65175%W
Pollie Brandon1,88625%


Sabine Parish Assessor   39 of 39 Precincts Reporting
Chris Tidwell2,22729%W
Carroll Ellzey1,60421%W
Ronny Bison1,43619%
Donnie Wooley1,07214%
Carl Chance1,00713%
Patrick Johnson2273%


Sabine Police Juror Dist. 1   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Bo Stewart61765%W
James Hickman21022%
Willes Funderburk12213%


Sabine Police Juror Dist. 2   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Mike McCormic53051%W
William Kelly Stewart51949%


Sabine Police Juror Dist. 3   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Charlie Brown43746%W
James Murphy34136%W
Norman Mitchell16718%


Sabine Police Juror Dist. 5   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Jeff Gilligan Davidson42246%W
Matthew Murdock Adams25427%W
Georgann McNabb24827%


Sabine Police Juror Dist. 8   3 of 3 Precincts Reporting
Kenneth Ebarb44361%W
Larry Rivers27939%


Sabine Police Juror Dist. 9   5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Randy Byrd60677%W
Michael Mancil18023%


Many Alderman at Large   6 of 6 Precincts Reporting
Mary Beth Key Brocato30655%W
Monte Davis24945%


North Sabine Fire Dist. Tax Prop.   18 of 18 Precincts Reporting


Lincoln Parish Sheriff   57 of 57 Precincts Reporting
Stephen Williams5,89351%W
Randal Hermes3,59431%
George Webb2,15318%


Lincoln Parish Assessor   57 of 57 Precincts Reporting
Billy Mac McBride6,84462%W
Walter Pullen4,11538%


Lincoln Parish Clerk of Court   57 of 57 Precincts Reporting
Linda Cook9,59685%W
T-Roy Hughes1,74015%


Union Parish Sheriff   29 of 29 Precincts Reporting
Dusty Gates5,59479%W
Keith Blackman1,52021%


Union Parish Assessor   29 of 29 Precincts Reporting
Lance Futch4,06558%W
Dottie Ames McConkey2,90842%


Winn Parish Sheriff   31 of 31 Precincts Reporting
Cranford Jordan2,67156%W
Lee Taylor2,13744%


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