Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry talks about the mounting legal challenges to Joe Biden's nationwide vaccination mandate aimed at American businesses.

In fact, the AG is taking the President to court, calling the order unconstitutional.

The Biden administration announced this week that its previously announced vaccine rules applying to private businesses with 100 or more employees, certain health care workers and federal contractors will take effect on January 4, 2022.

Landry adds that the states of Mississippi and Indiana are joining him in his challenge and he expects more to follow.

Here's what the Attorney general told KEEL:

"We believe that we've got a great case," says Landry, citing the irony of the US Postal Service being exempted from the mandate. "I think these mandates are completely problematic from a Constitutional standpoint.

"I've said all along, our problem with COVID is not COVID. It's the way we mismanaged it. Never before in the history, have we taken a pandemic and turned it into a political issue. We have normally dealt with crises in this country head on...but the problem now is (that) doctors are muzzled, their ability to find therapeuticals was hindered from the outset, there's been an onslaught of misinformation...that's rendered all of us without the knowledge necessary to fight the virus."

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And what about his challenge to the order, as well as other actions already taken against the Biden mandate. "I think that (the Supreme Court) is stacked with more states rights justices and I think they'll look at it that the mandates - on a state by state basis - are constitutional because it's a state policing power. We've seen a number of injunctions against federal mandates by federal judges and I think that speaks volumes."

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