A Stonewall boy gets a shot at the limelight this weekend. 6-year-old Wyatt Huffstickler wanted to be like his Daddy, so he cut a hunk of hair from the front of his head and used glue to put it in his armpit.

The video of this hilarious event will be featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos this Sunday night. It airs at 6pm on KTBS.

Wyatt's Mom, Meagan Huffstickler says the family is having a watch party to enjoy Wyatt's moment on national tv. Mom tells KEEL News Wyatt has been telling all his friends about his little escapade and the video which was shot in May and has been has been seen by more than 3 million people.

This is so hilarious. Hope you enjoy.

KEEL News talked to Wyatt's Mom about this hilarious event and she explains what he was thinking and why he was so intent on getting hair under his armpit.



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