After what seemed like an eternity of fighting and legal blockades, those in dire need will soon be able to get their prescription of medical marijuana.

GB Sciences and LSU have announced they will release a limited amount of medical marijuana in May. After months of delays, the group has finally been approved by the State AG Department and wants to get treatments to those in dire need as quickly as possible. However, GB Sciences says what they release will not be able to cover the market, it will be strictly for the most in need. After that, the company says they should be fully operational and able to meet all demands by August or September.

AG Commissioner Mike Strain said that there shouldn't be a problem getting the drug to market by May 15th, the date most pharmacies/dispensaries are demanding it be available by. However, Strain did say the drug needs to go through testing before being released to the public and he's unsure how long that will take.


This is welcome news to many after Strain recently said GB Sciences was breaking the law by moving into their new grow center and threatened legal action. So, in the view of many, this a huge step forward for the state, LSU and GB Sciences.

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