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The Louisiana House and Senate have both passed the legalization of Medical Marijuana in it's smokable form. The bill was written by Republican Representative Tanner Magee from Houma, and now will head to Governor John Bel Edwards to sign into law, or veto.

Originally, it had been suggested that Governor Edwards would veto this type of legislation, but now many believe he will sign this bipartisan measure into law.

Magee told WVUE-TV why he wrote the bill:

“We constantly heard stories of people who had end of cancer, terminal cancer going through a lot of pain, or they have some sort of condition and they’re having to try and pay. It’s not covered by insurance usually, so they’re having to pay exorbitant prices"

Currently, Louisiana law allows for Medical Marijuana use in edible, topical, inhalers, and liquid use. But the process to create the highly regulated versions of these medications causes the price to be pretty high. This has kept many who might benefit from the treatment shut out.

While also speaking with WVUE, Magee added that this bill doesn't undo the current Medical Marijuana laws, or change them much at all. This just adds to the existing laws:

“Nothing changes under the original concept of medical marijuana program that we have; the difference is just what they’re allowed to sell”

If the Governor does sign the bill into law, it will not go into effect as fast as some of the other bills signed this session. Instead the new Medical Marijuana changes would start in January of 2022.

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