Shreveport City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the council's upcoming vote (Tuesday) on the compromise $186 million bond proposal.

Fuller, who has previously stated that she was against the original $220 million proposal, tells KEEL listeners that "$186 million is still too high. I would rather just discuss pushing this to a later time. We need a better assessment of our needs."

Fuller, who has been critical of the speed with which Mayor Adrian Perkins and his Citizens Advisory Council put together this proposal, adds that the committee tasked with putting together the 2011 proposal "spent twenty three weeks working and making those assessments and they spent four to five hours in each meeting in discussions and study."

And why the hurry? Fuller says, "I think that one thing is that (they) don't want to see (a property tax millage) roll off with the threat of not being able to pass it later. If (they) don't do it now, coming back it's going to be a harder sell."


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