Louisiana could be reducing the number of billboards on highways across the state. The trucking industry is asking legislators for a moratorium on new highway billboards. The Louisiana Motor Transport Association says there are more that seven thousand billboards across the state and that they create "visual clutter," leading to numerous accidents. Republican State Senator Conrad Appel is introducing a bill and says,"It's ridiculous that you can't go five hundred feet without seeing a billboard."

More details on Appel's proposed legislation from theadvocate.com:

"Two proposals, Senate Bill 211 and House Concurrent Resolution 4, are mostly being touted as a way to make highways more scenic and trim driver distractions cited in thousands of accidents.'

"The state has about 7,000 billboards, which backers of the bills say account for a hefty percentage of the total nationwide.'

"Rep. Jack McFarland, R-Jonesboro and sponsor of the House measure, said voters are fed up.'

"If you listen to my constituents they are tired of seeing all these billboards pop up," McFarland said. "Everyone agrees that you can't go 500 feet without seeing a billboard now.''

"A resolution, while different from a state law, can have an impact on government operations.'

"Both bills face uphill battles, largely because they will run up against Lamar Advertising Co., a 117-year-old international firm based in Baton Rouge and one of the largest of its kind.'

"We are concerned about the impact," said Hal Kilshaw, vice president of governmental relations for Lamar."

The two month legislative session begins Monday (April 8) in Baton Rouge.

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