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Choropractic physician Dr. Renese Garcie talks about the most recent COVID 19 case increases, the legitimacy of the CDC's official count and how statements from that governmental organization undermine their own stats.

The conversation stemmed from Dr. Garcie's comments on social media regarding an article at claiming that the Center for Disease Control, in compiling the newest Coronavirus numbers, has mixed up testiing data.

From "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged...that it is combining the results from viral and antibody COVID 19 tests when reporting t the country's testing totals, despite marked differences between the tests."

"I first became aware of it...about this time last week," Dr. Garcie begins. "It began with the increased number of Coronavirus cases. That's when I started thinking, 'Unless they're talking about hospitalizations, and people who are PCR positive, which is swab up the nose, then it sounds to me like they're combining and adding the numbers of antibody tests to the number of people that are actively infected with the virus.'"

Then Garcie explains how this method of statistical bookkeeping not only would increase the COVID 19 count, but could also cause unnecessary alarm. "I would think that it would affect the degree that public officials are using in their decision making to keep things shut down, to keep things in a certain phase, to not move forward" she says, "Instead of talking about the people that are sick - actively sick - and contageous...they're putting the numbers of (people) who should be in the rear-view-mirror, so to speak. An antibody test is used to see if you were infected and in most cases fought it without you ever knowing it. These should not be (counted as) active COVID cases."

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