Have you ever missed a court date?  If you answered yes, you know what a nightmare that can be.  Now you've got a "failure to appear," charge to deal with on top of the original issue that you no longer have the option of contesting!  With the crazy pace that most of us must maintain, this is all too easy to do.

Now, a Louisiana Sheriff's office is using a simple piece of technology to help you makes sure you don't miss your big date with the judge.  According to WWLTV, Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre has implemented a system that will send you a reminder in the form of a text message.  The system, set to roll out this week, will reportedly give citizens the option to "pay fines associated with the citation or summons," instead of having to physically go to the courthouse.

Officials in Lafourche Parish will test out the new system for a couple of months in order to work out the bugs before a full-scale implementation occurs.

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