Congressman Mike Johnson and Senator Bill Cassidy talk about the protest-turned-violent in Washington D.C. and the ensuing shutdown of the capitol and Congress.

Johnson says he had just finished speaking in before the House when he and other lawmakers heard the protesters outside the chamber. "It's like a bad dream, really," he says, adding that he and other members were moved to a clandestine safe-area, adding that on the way, he could hear loud shouting and gunshots.

Johnson also says that the area around the Capitol seems to be clear. "We brought in 1,500 troops. The cleared the Capitol complex."

Cassidy, meanwhile, calls the violence, "An assault on our democracy. If you see somebody breaking into our nation's capitol, disrupting a Constitutionally ordered process, (it was) all under assault yesterday.'

And Cassidy spoke about his recent public statement endorsing the results of the Presidential election as legitimate. "The only way you can make things different is to go to court and make your case. There were dozens and dozens of court cases presented and not a single one of them found fraud, ninety different judges ruled - many of them appointed by President Trump -  and not only were the court cases rejected, they were described as without merit, built on conjecture, totally false."

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