Crimestoppers Director Jim Taliaferro has tossed his hat into the ring to be the next Mayor of Shreveport. Taliaferro is stepping down as the executive director of Crimestoppers to run for the post.

He says:

It is with a great sense of duty and service that I announce my candidacy for Mayor of our great city of Shreveport. Our city’s most valuable assets are our people and our best days are ahead. I am optimistic about the real change that we can bring to Shreveport and the opportunity to make our city much safer and prosperous.

Taliaferro adds ”Shreveport has been headed in the wrong direction for too long because we have focused on slogans rather than results. Shreveport has geographic strengths that no other city has within a two and a half-hour drive. Continuing to make excuses for why our city continues to decline is unacceptable. A safer Shreveport comes with a vision, not just another slogan.”

Taliaferro is a retired combat veteran, having served in the Navy and the Air Force. He was deployed in two campaigns in Vietnam and 4 engagements in the GlobalWar Against Terrorism, Operation Noble Eagle, Southern Watch, Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. He also served on the Shreveport Police Department for 24 years until his retirement.

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