In Tuesday's interview with Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty on 101.7 / 710 KEEL, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards seemed to contradict his Commissioner of Administration, Jay Dardenne, when it comes to JBE's claim of $600 million in cuts to the state budget.

During Tuesday's interview, the Governor was asked to clarify his claim of $600 million in cuts to the state budget, seemingly at odds with a earlier statement by Dardenne to the legislative Joint Budget Committee. At the time, the Commissioner, in explaining budgetary "finance swaps", told the committee, "I don't think I used the phrase 'cut the budget'." In answering, Edwards twice told the KEEL morning team, "Jay never said we never made cuts (to the budget)."

In an appearance before the State Senate in mid-January, the Governor reiterated that his administration had, in fact, slashed the $600 million in attempt to ward off what he (Edwards) has repeatedly referred to the state's "impending fiscal cliff", a near $1billion budget shortfall for 2018.

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