UPDATE: Shreveport Council Chairman James Flurry has apparently changed his mind and is not resigning from the panel despite his residency change.

City Attorney Ron Lattier has advised the council members Flurry does not have to resign until the Caddo District Attorney would have to take action declaring the seat vacant.

Lattier says it is his opinion that Flurry can continue to fulfill his duties and all voting rights are still in effect,

Earlier today, Flurry told KEEL News “I am resigning effective immediately. I will not be at the council meeting. I’m through”. Flurry added “We didn’t think our house would sell as quickly as it did. I’m trying to do the honorable thing. I know I don’t live in the district anymore.”

Something apparently changed after our conversation.


Shreveport Council member James Flurry has resigned from the city council effective immediately.

Flurry tells KEEL News he moved out of District E in southwest Shreveport and now lives in District D in southeast Shreveport. Flurry tells me he will not attend the Shreveport City Council meeting today.

Flurry says his home in District E sold much quicker than he expected. He was planning to resign effective March 1, but says this residential transaction moved quicker than he expected and he no longer lives in the district. He says he moved to his new home just a few days ago. Flurry says "I am going to do the honorable thing and step aside as required by the charter."

Flurry says the council will likely vote to interview potential candidates to serve as an interim council member to finish out his term which ends at the end of 2022. Flurry is in his 2nd term on the council, so he would not be able to run for re-election.

He is currently serving as Chairman. Tabitha Taylor who is the Vice Chairman will likely be bumped up to the Chairman seat, at least for today's meeting.

This year, Flurry has been at the center of the discussions over recycling and the plan to give the contract to a start-up company.

Flurry says he has been married for more than 50 years and this is what his wife wants to do and he is doing what is best for his family.

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