Everything is bigger in Texas, including our Christmas trees. To find one of the biggest Christmas trees in the state (and indeed the United States) & all you need to do is travel to Dallas, Texas to find it. More specifically, the Galleria Mall. While the one in Houston is one of the biggest malls in Texas, the one in Dallas has the LARGEST indoor Christmas tree.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Galleria Mall in Dallas has the largest indoor Christmas tree

Usually a Christmas tree stands at around 6ft or 7ft tall. Not the tree at the Galleria Dallas; this gigantic tree inside the Galleria Dallas mall stands at a MASSIVE 95 feet tall! The tree is also in the center of the skating rink located inside the mall.

Yeah this tree is certainly too big for my house...

Putting up a tree of this magnitude doesn't happen overnight, obviously. It takes a team of 50 people a total of 5 days to set up this 95 ft. behemoth. And if that's not enough, there are over 200,000 LED lights on the tree, with of course a star on top... a 10 ft. LED star.

It was only a couple of years that the tree was actually shorter...only 90 ft. tall. (Yeah... MUCH smaller). You can see just how long & how much work it is to set this one up back in 2015.

While many states have boasted about having the world's biggest Christmas trees in the past, like Oklahoma, Indiana, or Colorado, Texas is FOR SURE the state where you will find the largest Christmas tree INDOORS...at least until we make a 100 ft. tree...

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