LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - When someone's love for Buc-ee's and LEGO sets comes together, this is the masterpiece you get!

We all know, love, and grew up with legos. Many of us built little buildings and cities with them. Then, when we grew up and became parents, we began stepping on them in the middle of the night. But I digress...

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There is a LEGO fan's dream page on Facebook - Beyond the Brick - that bills itself as "the world's largest LEGO fan community." With 3.7 million followers, they certainly fit that bill! They feature tons of videos and pictures of great LEGO creations.

Beyond the Brick features fan-submitted content that can go on and on!

Speaking of fan favorites, Buc-ee's is beloved by many, including those in the LEGO community. In Louisiana, we continue to patiently wait for the first Buc-ee's to open in the state in Ruston. The Buc-ee's brand is so beloved that even a controversial policy that irked a couple from Liberty City, Ohio, who was visiting a Baytown, Texas, location isn't enough to deter many travelers from working the store into their traveling plans.

Three LEGO lovers - David Gautreaux, Don Siebert, and Paige Mueller - decided to bring their love for LEGO sets and for Buc-ee's together to create a LEGO Buc-ee's complete with a car wash, store interior, gas pumps, an inflatable beaver, a Buc-ee's sign, bathrooms, and a Batmobile in the parking lot, as pointed out by

Did you see the detail in creating LEGO Buc-ee's? Simply amazing!

Also, my appreciation for LEGO sets has now grown and I can't stop looking at the Beyond the Brick Facebook page!

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