With varying marijuana laws from State to State, if you legally buy marijuana in another State, can you bring it home to Louisiana without breaking the law?

Add Weed via Unsplash.com
Add Weed via Unsplash.com

Louisiana Marijuana Laws

In Louisiana and across the United States, marijuana laws are changing at a fairly quick pace.

In 2023, there have been significant changes to marijuana laws in Louisiana, even some accidental loopholes when it comes to THC products.

As nola.com reports "In February, for example, House Speaker Clay Schexnayder accidentally legalized THC products thanks to a loophole in hemp legislation."


In 2021, Louisiana decriminalized possession up to 14 grams of marijuana and reduced the fine to $100 or less.

Even though marijuana is decriminalized in Louisiana, consuming it recreationally is still against the law.

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This being said, what if you travel to a State where marijuana is legal, can you bring it back home to Louisiana legally?

From nola.com -

"You can travel by plane with medical marijuana, but only if the product contains no more than 0.3% of THC, according to the Transportation Security Administration's website.

And crossing state lines on an interstate with marijuana is also against federal law."

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To legally drive with marijuana in your car in Louisiana you have to be a medical marijuana card holder.

Also, if you've purchased marijuana legally in another State, you need to be aware of the marijuana laws in each State you're driving through as you make your home to Louisiana.

Read more at nola.com.

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