Louisiana is famous around the world for our unique, amazingly delicious food. Not just the food you'll find at restaurants across America, but also the food you'll find cooking across Louisiana.

According to a recent survey, Louisiana has landed in the top 5 of states with the best cooks.

But, believe it or not, we're not #1.

RepentandseekChristJesus via Unsplash.com
RepentandseekChristJesus via Unsplash.com

Why Is Louisiana's Food So Good?

The two primary cooking styles that dominate Louisiana's food scene are Cajun and Creole.

Cajun cuisine, originating from the French-speaking Acadians, is known for dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and boudin.

Creole cooking typically uses more tomatoes and is known for dishes like étouffée, shrimp Creole, stuffed bell peppers, and also gumbo.

One reason that helps make our food so great our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf provides fresh shrimp, oysters, crawfish, catfish, and a variety of other seafood.

In addition, we also grow our own rice, okra, peppers, and other vegetables essential to many traditional dishes.

We're so good at cooking in Louisiana we have festivals built around our food, so...what other states could have better cooks than us?

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States With The Best Cooks

The folks over at coventrydirect.com have done to polling to determine what states have the best cooks.

From coventrydirect.com -

"To uncover the culinary prowess of people across the U.S., we collected first-hand data by asking residents from every state questions to gauge their cooking proficiency, comfortability, and confidence."

It will probably come as no shock to you that Southern states dominated the top 10, with the top 3 all being in the South, and 5 out of the top 10 being Southern states.

The lowest scoring state was Hawaii with a score of 20.1.

Minnesota was second to last with a score of 28.9.

The great state of Texas, known for their delicious BBQ oddly only scored a 37.4.

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Louisiana scored really well with a total of 73.9.

From coventrydirect.com -

"Louisiana claimed the third spot with a score of 73.9, underscored by a distinct flair for culinary improvisation. Louisianans report rarely using recipes and regularly use different cooking techniques when preparing their meals."

The score of 73.9 put Louisiana at #3 on the list of states with the best cooks.

OK, so what states have better cooks than us?

Number 2 on the list is Florida with a score of 74.4, and number 1 is Kentucky with a score of 77.7.

Not to knock on Kentucky but...Kentucky?

Bourbon? Certainly Kentucky would be number 1, but the best cooks in America?

We guess there's a lot about Kentucky we need to learn.

Read more over at coventrydirect.com.

SStates With The Best Cooks

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