Whataburger is getting fans excited for 2024 with their recent announcement of two new menu items.

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New Whataburger Menu Items

Founded in 1950 by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton in Corpus Christi, Texas, the chain is known for its distinctive orange and white striped A-frame buildings and its iconic "Flying W" logo.

One of the things Whataburger fans love most about the chain is its customization options, allowing customers to personalize their orders with a range of toppings and condiments.

Every year, Whataburger delights customers with seasonal and limited-time only favorites like their Chili Cheese Burger, Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit, Chili Cheese Fries,  Whatacatch fish sandwich, and more.

Now the folks at Whataburger have announced the addition of two new menu items for 2024.

Screenshot from BabbleTop
Screenshot from BabbleTop

Whataburger Iced Coffee

One of the two new menu items for Whataburger in 2024 is iced coffee.

From spectrumlocalnews.com -

"For now, the exclusive new Whataburger coffee can only be found in San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos and surrounding areas. However, the plan is to expand its availability to all Whataburger locations in 2024.

Customers are encouraged to pick up a coffee whenever they please, as the coffee is available for service at all hours of the day."

Although the introduction of iced coffee in 2024 has people excited, it's the other new menu item that really has people talking.

Whataburger Chicken Wings "Whatawings"

Yep, Whataburger is getting into the chicken wing game for 2024!

Beginning January 2024, all 24 Louisiana Whataburger locations and every location across the U.S. will have "Whatawings".

Whatawings will be available in four flavors including buffalo, sweet and spicy, honey barbecue, and honey butter.

From lmtonline.com -

"For years, fans of the San Antonio-based chain have cooked their own version of Whataburger wings by buying Whatachick’n bites or wings from the grocery store, then shopping for Whataburger’s buffalo or honey butter sauce.

Now, customers won’t have the hassle of do-it-yourself Whataburger wings."

As of now, the Whatawings will be on Whataburger's menu for a limited time, but it's not known how limited that time will be.

Read more at spectrumlocalnews.com.

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