Investigators are working to determine who may have intentionally set a Walmart store on fire in Louisiana.

According to WBRZ, the Walmart store on Burbank Dr. in Baton Rouge is closed until further notice due to damage sustained in the building as a result of a fire.

Fire crews were dispatched to the fire early Sunday evening and because of the amount of flames and smoke throughout the building, the sprinkler system throughout the store was activated.

wishtv via YouTube
wishtv via YouTube

No one was injured in the fire, but investigators do believe that the fire in the store was intentionally set by someone.

With cameras in the store, if they are operable, investigators may be able to determine who was responsible for the fire at this particular location.

Other stores in the area can still serve the community and neighborhoods near this Walmart location, but there is no time frame for this Walmart store to re-open.

Here's a look inside the store as flames raged.


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