SHREVEPORT, LA - Driving while intoxicated cases in Louisiana are one of the primary causes of crashes on our highways in the states. Some areas have made improvements on reducing the total number of DWI arrests, but some communities still have a long way to go.

Bossier Sheriff Dept
Bossier Sheriff Dept

What Parishes Have High DWI Numbers?

These stats go back to 2005 and show the numbers of DWI arrests by each parish in the state. Since that time, there have been nearly 400,000 DWI cases across the state.

Here Are the Top 10 Parishes for DWI Arrests

10.Rapides 14,105

9. Tangipahoa 14,333

8. Ouachita 16,296

7. Lafayette 17,367

6. Orleans 21,308

5. Calcasieu 21,764

4. Caddo 24,297

3. Jefferson 24,583

2. St.Tammany 26,093

1. East Baton Rouge 32,293

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What Age Are Most of the DWI Arrests?

21-54 is the age group that accounts for the vast majority of the DWI arrests

There were actually 15 cases in the state for people age 95 and up and 74 cases for children between the ages of 1 and 14.

Of all the arrests over the past 15 years, 309,000 men were arrested for DWI and 77,000 women were arrested.

DWI checkpoint
Photo courtesy of Bossier Sheriff's Office

One Year DWI Arrests in Louisiana

Looking at the numbers from just 2022, there were 741 DWI arrests in Caddo Parish. 746 in Lafayette Parish and 757 in St. Tammany Parish. Those are the top 3 parishes for 2022. East Baton Rouge Parish which leads the state in the overall data had 737 DWI arrests in 2022, landing 4th on the list.

When Are the Highest Number of DWI Arrests Made in Louisiana?

December is the number one month for DWI arrests, while the summer months and September are next on the list.

What States Have the Worst Roads

Where does Louisiana fall on the list of shabby roads?

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