Summer break in Baton Rouge, Louisiana did not start so well.

The Mayor's Office of Baton Rouge recently threw a free pool party at Liberty Lagoon for a "Summer of Hope," but it was cut short after multiple fights broke out at the event.

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome said that no shots were fired at the event. Still, multiple brawls resulted in the event being cut short and over 20 Baton Rouge Police Department vehicles responding to the water park.

Raeion Carter Facebook
Raeion Carter Facebook

The commotion at the mayor's event was caught on camera and streamed on social media. In the video, you can see teenagers in the roadway looking for parents, while some of the responding officers were detaining others.

We doubt that the Mayor's Office wanted this event or summer break to start like this, but it is terrible to see this at an event that was supposed to be for the youth in the community.

Here's the footage from the water park that has many upset in the Baton Rouge community. We will warn you that some may find the language in the video below to be offensive.


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