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It seems that Louisiana's adopted son, former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow, can now claim a new title... The Tiger King.

Is anyone else as embarrassed as I am for watching even a minute of Tiger King on Netflix during the pandemic? All I can figure is that we were under some kind of mass hypnosis to be so entranced with all things Joe Exotic/Carole Baskin.

Why is Tiger King's Joe Exotic asking Joe Burrow for money?

Honestly, in retrospect, I can't believe this didn't happen sooner. I mean, the connection is right there for anyone to see, the show's name that Joe Exotic starred in was Tiger King and Joe Burrow was the star of the LSU Fighting Tigers and now leads the Cincinnati Bengals, as in Bengal Tigers. So why is Joe Exotic asking Joe Burrow for money? He needs money to pay his lawyer to help him get out of jail. I guess that big new contract that Joe Burrow signed with the Bengals earlier this month that made him the highest-paid player in the NFL might have had something to do with it, too.

Those are some strong words from Mr. Exotic. Does Joey B really call himself the 'Tiger King' or did media outlets start that? Pretty sure that came about thanks to a reporter named Charlie Goldsmith at the Cincinnati Enquirer. Sure, Joe Exotic could try and sue, but he can't even raise enough money to pay his lawyer to attempt to get out of jail, much less file a copyright lawsuit. Nice try, Joe Exotic. Our Joe doesn't want anything to do with you and as far as this writer is concerned, there's only one 'Tiger King' in Louisiana and that's Joe Burreaux!


Why is Joe Burrow a Louisiana favorite?

Joe Burrow, otherwise known as Joe Burreaux, is easily Louisiana's favorite adopted son of all time. His story reads like an epic... small-town kid works hard and makes the football team at The Ohio State University where he doesn't get the starting position. So, said hard-working and humble quarterback joins the transfer portal and makes his way to the swamps of Louisiana where he must have felt like a stranger in a strange land... Baton Rouge, the home of the LSU Fighting Tigers and stronghold of the SEC. After battling his way to the top, Burrow, like any epic hero, then led LSU to a National Championship in 2019. Here's a little more about Joe's history beyond his time at LSU...

And who could forget Joe's walkout on senior night during his final season at LSU? It gives me chills!


How much is Joe Burrow getting paid in his new contract with the Cincinnati Bengals?

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow just signed a 5-year, $275 million contract extension, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history.


Haven't we seen several record deals this year in the NFL?

Yes. In fact it seems like these NFL contracts keep getting bigger and more ostentatious. Check out this tweet from ESPN Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Without a doubt, Louisiana loves Joe Burrow! Geaux Tigers! 💜💛

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