April 22nd, Let's Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day with a Delicious Treat!

Being the overgrown child that I am, Jelly Beans are one of my favorite treats to pick up at the store. You can only imagine how excited I was to find out that they had a whole day dedicated to the multiple flavors of little happiness. Here's what I found out about them.

On National Jelly Bean Day, who could resist a handful of delicious jelly beans? Well, you don't have to resist at all on April 22nd of every year. It's imperative to enjoy them as a celebration!

Day of the Jelly Bean
Although comparable candies were around before the invention of the jelly bean, Boston confectioner William Schrafft popularized them amid the Civil War. Jelly beans were the first candy to be sold by the pound because of their solid surface. Schrafft urged his clients to forward them to soldiers serving in the Union.

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A Little Jelly Bean History
Because of their egg-like form, jelly beans began to be closely connected with the Easter celebration in the 1930s. But today jelly beans are available all year round thanks to confectioners. So, whenever the urge strikes, there's no reason why you shouldn't indulge in them.

Jelly beans were so popular with Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, that they were served at his inauguration. Years earlier, when he had given up smoking, he began eating them. For the 1980 event, red, white, and blue jelly beans were provided by the Herman Goelitz Candy Company. The company didn't make blue jelly beans at the time. For the inauguration, they made a blueberry jelly bean for the first time.

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