They say everything is bigger in Texas. Apparently that includes our mouths, now that the Lone Star State has been ranked as having some of the loudest talkers in America.

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Maybe it seems rude to consider that we Texans have been categorized as "loud". The audacity, right? But analytics don't lie. According to a recent survey by Preply, Texas ranks high on their list of the Loudest Talkers in America. Yee-haw!

We all know that everyday life in Texas can be noisy with sounds of construction going on, airplanes flying over, music blasting, or the roar of our truck's engines when they're being revved at a stoplight.

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Whether it's competing with these societal sounds or maybe we are just naturally loud yappers, Texas ranks 7th for states that have the loudest talkers in America.


In the study, Preply asked folks which loud activities they were guilty of doing in public, which activities they found annoying, where people seemed to be the loudest, and more.

To determine a score for each state and city, we assigned points to answers that reflected loud activities taking place in that location. We then averaged residents’ scores in each state and city to find the average score by location. Finally, we adjusted the scores on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 representing the highest loudness score available. (via <a href="">Preply</a>)
Photo: Preply
Photo: Preply

So it seems we Texans are being called out for being a little on the loud side when it comes to talking in public. The report also went on to point out where Americans are the loudest. Turns out to be a bar. Well, duh.

And since many Texans frequent bars, I think it's safe to say why Texas is ranked high on the list of loudest talkers in America. Don't you love my reasoning?

Head over to Preply to find out more info on this revelation.

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