There has been some confusion this past week about the first week of Caddo Parish School, and whether or not it is optional.  The confusion began last week when a teacher posted on Facebook that the first week is optional, then of course, comments began, "That's what I heard too" kind of thing... and the wildfire spread from there. Aaahhh the beauty of social media... The problem is, the initial premise was incorrect.

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According to, the 2022 Caddo Parish School year begins August 3 for elementary and middle school students.  The year starts August 10th for high school students.  These dates are NOT OPTIONAL.  If a student is not present beginning on those dates, they will be marked absent.  Here is the exact start information for Caddo Parish Schools:

  • August 1-2- Elementary & Middle school TEACHER PD DAYS
  • August 3- First day for Elementary & Middle School STUDENTS
  • August 8-9- High School TEACHER PD DAYS
  • August 10- First day for High School STUDENTS

(A PD day stands for Professional Development, which are days students are not present.)

On Thursday morning Chief Academic Officer for the Caddo Parish School Board Keith Burton told KEELNews:

We're starting school for elementary and middle on August 3rd, if a student's not there, they are going to be marked absent. But, if a parent, and again, we're communicating this to all families through our schools... if a family has a prescheduled vacation and there's a conflict... all they have to do is talk to the principal... the principal will excuse those days... and when the student returns, they will start school. For everyone else, we're starting school on August 3rd.

It seems pretty simple, school starts August 3rd, and it is not optional.

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