According to a massive KTBS investigative report, federal authorities are now asking questions over pay to play politics in the city of Shreveport. the KTBS report says the recent lawsuit between the city of Shreveport and local businessman Scott Pernici may have uncovered layers city government corruption.

Inside the KTBS report, they include documents including affidavits, contracts, W2 forms, and video deposition that all surround an individual named Lynn Braggs, who worked as a campaign coordinator for both mayor Ollie Tyler, and former mayor Cedric Glover. KTBS also says there is an internal audit being conducted with the Shreveport city council around this matter, and that audit is expected to be released this week.

KTBS' report concluded with a note that an executive with one of the companies involved in the scandals refused to answer a question while under-oath in a deposition. the executive's lawyer's reason for refusal to answer was "pursuant to instructions provided by law enforcement", indicating that authorities have already questions the companies involved in the controversy.

KEEL News has reached out to Braggs, but have yet to receive a response. KEEL also spoke to Pernici's lawyer Jerry Harper, who will be providing KEEL with documentation on the case. We have also reached out the Mayor Ollie Tyler, but she will not comment on the situation, citing the pending lawsuit.

With the possibility of the audit being released soon, and more light being shed on the controversy, hopefully we will learn soon if the FBI, or another federal agency, is currently investigating the matter.

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