Retail superstore Forever 21, known mainly for its young female appeal, is cutting back all employees to part-time just as Obamacare begins to come into play.

"Here is a company downsizing every employee to part time, not providing them health insurance, and the company's getting the blame. . .The health insurance company's gonna be the bad guys, companies that reduce full-time payroll, they're gonna be the bad guys. Obama escapes," explained Limbaugh.

The Obama regime is working its way out of blame, claims the radio show host.

Forever 21 said that Obamacare has nothing to do with it and it is mere coincidence due to a fall in projected sales. When the employees and shoppers are told what has happened they claimed that it wasn't fair -- not because of Obamacare, but because of the company.

"So, when talking about this demographic, these young women, it is I, your lovable, harmless fuzzball host, who is the enemy," Rush concludes.

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