This weekend could draw 3 to 4 hundred thousand people to our community for Mardi Gras celebrations.  You would think we would have everything looking good and spiffy for these guests.

But I still found dozens of street lights out on big roadways leading to the parade area.  One of the biggest problems is on Youree Drive north of Kings Highway.  I even shot this video Friday morning to show you how many lights are out

And things get worse as you travel north on Youree Drive:

We have made some progress with new bulbs on part of the Cross Lake Bridge. The lights are all on going into downtown Shreveport. And the lights are back on over the Shreveport Barksdale Bridge.

But we have other problem zones where the lights are still out:

I-20 between Spring and I-49

I-20 in front of the Fairgrounds

I-20 between Jewella and Monkhouse

I-220 near the new I-49 interchange

I hope city leaders are working to get all these lights back on in time for our big party tomorrow afternoon.  We'll see.

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