Caddo Animal control has been a lightening rod for controversy as of late. There have been reports of accidental euthanizations, employees selling animals online and even one employee admitting to have sexual relations with a dog.

Now, according to a report from KTBS, the agency's newly promoted interim director has been charged with domestic abuse. Kelvin Samuel apparently was arrested for battery of his wife after an argument allegedly turned violent back in July. When questioned by KTBS about the alleged incident, Samuel repeatedly stated he wasn't going to comment on his personal life.

The report made several other shocking claims. KTBS claims that the Parish knew about the arrest and Samuel was suspended one week for the alleged altercation. They also claim that Samuel is being represented in the court case by a Public Defender even though he makes close to $80,000 a year.

Samuel's trial is set for Nov. 15 in Shreveport City Court.

via SPD
via SPD

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