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Children and puppies! Either of the two will bring on the deepest, passionate feelings for those blessed with their presence. And, in some cases, the love of these can cause us to do something that we probably didn't think about long enough to examine the validity of our decision.

Someone with that passion was the intended target of a Bossier City woman. Someone who's passion might cause them to be a little frivolous with their money, and allegedly, Janet Futch, 34, found a person just like this as her mark.

In a story from arklatexhomepage, we learn that Futch has been charged by the Bossier City Police Department with illegal transmission of monetary funds in connection with a false advertisement that was posted on Facebook

According to Bossier police, Futch is accused of finessing over $100 out of someone by putting up a fake ‘Puppy For Sale’ ad on social media.

Apparently, the victim, who's desires for the puppy caused them to make a rash decision, paid Futch $150 in the form of a deposit for the puppy, before they determined it was a scam. At the point of realization, the victim asked for a refund of the deposit but Futch is alleged to have never returned the money.

It was at this point, the victim of the scam contacted the Bossier Police Department and detectives were able to link Futch to the crime, for which Futch denied any knowledge.

Bossier Police reminds all citizens who might think they've been victim to any kind of scam, to immediately report the crime to the Bossier Financial Crimes Task Force at 318-741-8669.

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