Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Deputies working at the Caddo Correctional Center have been attacked by an inmate at the lockup in Shreveport.

25-year-old Willie Lee Rochelle IV is accused of punching two members of CCC’s Emergency Response Team (ERT). Sheriff Steve Prator says this is the third time Rochelle is accused of assaulting deputies at the jail. Rochelle has been locked up awaiting trial for three years.

Sunday afternoon, the security deputies were called to the CCC Segregation Unit to help control Rochelle who was beating and banging on a cell door. While deputies worked to get Rochelle to cooperate, Rochelle punched Deputy Kaylee Fertal and Deputy Brian Riley. The inmate was eventually handcuffed and taken to the medical unit at the jail for treatment.

Deputy Fertal suffered bone fractures and some cuts. She was transported to a local hospital.

What Did Sheriff Prator Have to Say About This Attack?

Three years awaiting trial is ridiculous. If we expect to curb the violence in Shreveport, then those responsible must be arrested and brought to trial. It is well-established that to deter crime the punishment must be swift and certain. Law enforcement is doing its job by making arrests, but between dismissals and delays there is nothing swift or certain about justice in Caddo Parish.

Prator says the number of inmates awaiting trial at CCC has grown to 1,079 surpassing the total capacity of the jail which was designed to house 1,070 inmates. At the same time, the total number of bookings are down compared to previous years.

Rochelle has been locked up since 2019 on a series of charges including attempted murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, attempted armed robbery and second-degree battery. He is now facing more charges of felony battery on law enforcement officers.

Caddo Corrections Bookings for 1/28 Through 1/30

The following is a gallery of inmates booked through the dates of 1/28 through 1/30. Many of these inmates are still awaiting trial and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

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