The December issue of the student newspaper at Airline High School looks different this year. The front page is completely blank. You might wonder why? Well it has to do with religion and the long standing debate about what is allowed and what is not allowed in schools.

The Bossier Press Tribune prints the paper for the school, but the publisher Randy Brown got a call to "stop the presses". That's because a photo on the front page shows students putting Christmas ornaments on a tree. One of the ornaments says "I Love Jesus".

The principal told the paper a decision would have to be made by the Superintendent and his legal team. The decision was made to roll the paper out, but leave the front page blank. Brown writes in his paper this phone call to halt publication  "really upset me, in fact it brought me to tears."

Photo Courtesy of Bossier Press Tribune
Photo Courtesy of Bossier Press Tribune

The Bossier Parish School Board has been involved in a longstanding legal feud over religious activities in schools. The Parish's legal team keeps a close eye on what's happening to avoid any possible lawsuits in the future.

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