With Deer season is upon us, many men will be heading out to the woods for days (or weeks) in an attempt to harvest some meat for him and his family. Hunting and gathering is in the human DNA. Plus, hunting is important to conservation in our state to keep the animal population in check.

However, there are the unintended consequences of the men folk heading off to the woods to fulfill their primal need. Most of the time, they leave their wives and families behind for long periods of time.

'Hunting Widows' are left behind to handle all family business in the absence of their husbands. But, with all the extra responsibility, how do wives REALLY feel during hunting season.

Terri Netterville discusses how women feel and how they handle hunting season. You can listen to Terri, Denise Arthur, Louis Avallone and Stephen Parr every week night from 6 to 7 pm on 1017FM and 710 KEEL.

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