Tuesday, the Shreveport City Council will vote on whether or not to secure bond money for the controversial multi-use sports complex on Cross Bayou. The debate over the new complex has been heated. Some, like Tim Brando, say the city needs this to happen. Others are 100% against the idea.

If you're on the fence, Louis Avallone and Stephen Parr may help you make a decision one way or the other. Monday evening, American Ground will interview Owen McCormick. Mr. McCormick is the owner of the Atlanta Hawks G-League team in Erie, PA..

Now, if you think his views will be slanted, you might be surprised. McCormick was the owner of the Orlando Magic's G-League team before the franchise decided to move the team closer to home. So, he's seen the positives and negatives of having a franchise in town.

You can listen to what is sure to be a fascinating interview Monday night, starting at 6 pm, with American Ground radio right here on KEEL.

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