Louisiana has millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property that belongs to residents all across the state. Thousands of businesses also have money listed on the site.

In doing a check of the site this morning, I found unclaimed money listed for two of our radio stations, KVKI and KTUX. We are not sure how much the state is holding, but in both cases it is more than $100 dollars.

So I did a little more checking and found unclaimed money listed for hundreds of local businesses. Several area attorneys have money sitting in a state account. Here's a list of some of the other businesses who have some cash they might not know about:

Cottages at the Glen

Southern University Shreveport

Nexion Health

Willis Knighton Urology


El Dorado Casino

Country Tavern

Heberts Town and Country

Shreveport Country Club

Northwood Golf and Country Club

Southern Trace Country Club

Eastridge Country Club

Cambridge Club

Sams Club

Petroleum Club

Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club

Glenwood Drug Store

Click here to do your own search.

I could go on and on with this list. There are way too many businesses listed. Thousands of individuals are also on the list. The property is really easy to claim. You can do it all online. The state will mail you a check within just a few days.


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