A wild night at the Stoner Avenue skate park. A group of young people were apparently hanging at the popular spot when two groups started scrapping it out.

The videos posted earlier by Reporter Timmy Lane shows the violent young people fighting one another. It seems that when one fight would end or get broken up, another would start.

The video below, seems to show multiple people kicking and punching one another. When the camera pans over, it shows two men, fighting some distance away from the group.

This video seems to show two groups of girls fighting it out. One seems to be looming over another and punching her while she's on the ground, and the other two are entangled in a hair-pulling match while rolling on the ground.

More from the fighting females in this video. Below you can see many young folks egging the fighting on from the girls still hair-pulling on the ground. This particular fight seemed to go on the longest with nobody breaking it up.

Here are the girls again. This fight seems to have spilled in to the parking lot of the Stoner skate park. The hair pulling has turned relentless at this point, and the wrestling has turned to punching. The scrappy ladies apparently went on like this for a while with no clear winner in the video. However, with behavior like this, is anybody really a winner?

These fights happened around Midnight Thursday morning. No word on if police were called out to the area, or if this incident is under investigation.

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