Some serious moments at a local bar, when a male suspect acts a fool and assaults a bartender.

According to employees and patrons at Ernie's on Wall Street in Shreveport, two females and one male showed up at to the bar in a dark red Chrysler. Some time after these three showed up, an altercation flared-up between the male suspect and the bartender.

The altercation spilled out of the bar, and once outside, the male suspect began yelling and punching at the building. In the video, the man can then be seen aggressively approaching a female as if he was going to fight her.

The man got so close to the woman, that she had to extend her hand to keep her distance. The man then, slapped her hand away and continues his temper tantrum. The females who showed up with the male suspect, can be seen gathering their belongings to make a getaway.

The vehicle's license plate number was caught on camera. The crew at Ernie's is urging the public to let them know the identity of the suspect, so they can properly press charges.

Ernie's Bar
Ernie's Bar

Be sure and watch the videos and get a good look at the suspect.

This article will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

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