No reported injuries in what appears in the video to be a targeted shooting in a Tangipahoa Parish neighborhood. Tangipahoa Parish has authorities on the hunt for two vehicles and the people responsible. The shooting incident did leave some neighbors upset when stray bullets went flying through the neighborhood. 

A surveillance camera on a Kentwood home, captured the wild action. It happened when the homeowner and his family were sleeping late Monday night.

Two vehicles seemed to be following each other, leading up to the shootout at the intersection of Eleventh Street and Avenue E. As a dark-colored car goes through the intersection, someone inside the light-colored SUV gets out with an assault rifle and starts shooting. 

 The vehicles exchanged gunfire. There were .9mm shell casings and 223 shell casings found there by the intersection. Stray bullets hit a detective’s unmarked truck parked at a nearby home. With busted windows and damage to the side.
Neighbors are furious and scared due to the gun violence. Many of them are afraid for the safety of their children, as several of the homes had small children sleeping near windows at the time of the shooting.

Authorities hope someone has information that can help them track down the people responsible for this shootout. If you know anything, please give the sheriff’s office a call.  


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