In most states, this would be something out of a fevered nightmare. But, here in The Bayou State, it's just another obstacle for morning commuters.

Friday (5/6/22) morning DeSoto Parish Sheriff's office received a call concerning the giant reptile blocking up I-49 Southbound near Natchitoches. The DeSoto Parish Sheriffs posted the following on social media, along with pictures of the monster reptile:

I49 southbound lanes (near the Natchitoches line) is currently blocked. Deputies are trying to convince a 13 foot alligator that this is not the greatest place to sunbath. We will try our best to get pictures but he's not exactly cooperating."
The beast of a gator took up a whole lane of traffic when he stretched out across the road, further impeding traffic. It took quite an effort to remove the stubborn reptile from the roadway to get traffic flowing again.
The gator was cleared from the road without incident or injury.

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