Mayor-Elect Adrian Perkins has announced the creation of a website to focus on the future of Shreveport. 

Photo Courtesy of Adrian Perkins
Photo Courtesy of Adrian Perkins

It also lists several positions that are considered open. Many are department heads in the city. Perkins has previously told KEEL News all department heads might be required to reapply for their jobs.

The following jobs are listed on this new website:

Director of Water and Sewer

Airport Director

Director of Finance

Director of Public Works

Chief Technology Officer and Smart Cities Director

Spar Director

Director of Economic Development

On the website, you can directly submit your resume to be a part of the new administration. Perkins does not say if any of the current directors has resigned.

The website also outlines the duties of the transition team and the members of that team.

Perkins says “In the interest of transparency, this website gives the people of Shreveport more insight into our transition process.” He adds this "provides an overview of our structure, introduces our Advisory Board, and explains their work. More importantly, it lists open positions, giving the people a chance to serve. ”


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