The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday night is up to $750 million. The one time payout would be close to $500 million dollars. It's got me thinking how this much money could really have an impact on the local economy. Not only would the winner be buying cars and property, but think of all the things that will sell right here in Shreveport Bossier.

$213 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Mystery Winner
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I asked several of my co-workers to pick an item they would go out and buy 100 of which they would then hand out to random folks. You might be surprised by some of the answers.

First off, I would call up Strawns and order 100 strawberry pies. I'd then drive all around town passing these out.  This, to me, is one of the best desserts you can find in Shreveport Bossier.

Matt Parker, the KEEL Morning Producer would go out and buy records of music made in the local area.  This would include artists like Eddie Giles, Ledbelly, and Dale Hawkins.  He would probably hand these out in different places around town at random times.

Greg Atoms from the KEEL afternoon show says he would give out 100 VIP passes to Geek'd Con this August.

KISS Country's Gary McCoy would deliver 100 bags of crawfish to folks all across the region.

Brandon (The Bald Guy) from K945 says he would stop by Brookshires and pick up 100 6 packs of 318 Great Raft Golden Ale beer and pass them out. He says this is the greatest beer ever and his Dad in Kansas always asks for the 318 beer.

My buddy, Robert J. Wright says he would buy 100 memberships to Querbes so folks could play golf on this beautiful city owned course.

Our Digital Managing Editor, Chasity Spears says she would buy 100 school uniforms and supplies to hand out to folks in need across the local community.

Jay Whatley from K945 says he would give out 100 VIP passes to the Red River Revel.

Our General Manager Amy Bloxom might have the biggest dollar item on the list, but she wants to hand out 100 pair of season tickets to LSU football. Geaux Tigers.

Dusty Hayes with the Highway 98.9 says he would give out 100 King Cakes from Tubbs Hardware.

Bristol from KISS Country had a great idea. She would buy 100 B-52 model planes (the display type versions) and pass them out all across town.

Krystal Montez (Chica) from K945 is also thinking alcohol. Is this a thing with K945? She wants to pass out 100 margaritas from Superior.

So, here's my deal. If I win the Powerball tomorrow night, I will hand out everything on this list.  I'll buy 100 of each item and start the goodwill asap.

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