Shreveport Fire Chief Scott Wolverton talks about the added duties of the SFD during the storm and coming recovery.

Wolverton says one of those jobs is helping local hospitals stay open. "One of those operations is trying to help maintain the heated boiler systems at area hospitals. We're working to keep those at the level they need to be to continue heating the hospitals."

The Chief also explains how the SFD will assist residents in a particular type of clean up operation, removal of standing water. "We anticipate, as we go into the weekend, there will be a lot of calls for service, not only residential, but industrial," Wolverton says, "As we come out of this we're probably going to see a lot of major problems with broken pipes.

"It makes things difficult, but the men and women of the Shreveport Fire Department, they're resilient, they've been at it all night in this weather. I ask our citizens to be patient and keep all of them in your prayers."


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