I ventured outside of my comfort zone this weekend and played in the Southern Poker Open at Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City.


It was so much fun and I can see how you could get drawn into that world. I won a seat at the main event. I chose to play in the Friday heat. It began at 11am.
It was grueling. We played 12 30 minute rounds. But by the end of the day, I was still in and I had $97,500 chips!! This meant I advanced to Sunday’s main event.
I stressed out about this a lot. The leaders had more than $300,000 in chips, but the average stack was about 72,000.
So I’m sitting ok.
Fast forward to Sunday. I arrive at about 11:30 and watch as they get the tables ready and pass out the chips.
I venture over to table 13 and take my seat. Again, I’m at a table with all guys (there are a few other women in the room ). We start playing and I’m being pretty conservative but I do raise with an Ace 9 suited. After the flop, I re raise and take down a pretty good pot.
A few hands later I look at pocket 8’s and a guy goes all in ahead of me. I have slightly more chips than he does and I call him. He flips over pocket 7’s and groans when he sees my 8’s. But the flop comes 6,5,4 which gives him a straight draw. He gets a 3 and takes most of my chips.


But I’m not completely out. What do they say “a chip and a chair”. So a few hands later I go all in when I see ace jack of spades. Another player announces call and flips over ace king. So I get booted before the first 30 minutes is over!
I finished at about 190 of 234 which is very disappointing but I had a blast and will seriously think about trying it again in October.

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