Louisiana's Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin talks about the upcoming November elections across the state, the future of elections and the spread of early voting and vote-by-mail in numerous states across the US.

Last week California Governor Gavin Newsome signed a bill that requires a mail-in ballot to be sent to every registered voter in the state. Proponents of the law say it will expand voter access to the polls. Critics question the state's ability to cross-check the mail-in ballots against in-person voting.

Could this happen in Louisiana?

"Not without a riot," Ardoin cracks, "I happen to have just become the President of the National Association of Secretaries of State and we do have a lot of colored conversations and spirited debate on how some things are doing things compared to other states."

But do Dems from left-leaning states actually believe that vote-by-mail or ballot harvesting really expands the opportunity to vote? "I think my colleagues, for the most part, are committed to their positions," Ardoin says delicately, "But I think that they're wrong.

The Secretary makes his case.

"Our goal, on the conservative side, is to make it easier to vote, but harder to cheat. Their (plan) is to give everybody everything and use everything to your advantage for political (gain).

"It's frustrating for me when liberal colleagues from around the country call me all sorts of things because I actually want accountability and I don't think there's anything wrong with accountability. Voting is a right, but it's also a choice. The bottom line is, you have to have accountability in the system to keep it honest."

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